Murder Mystery

Murder mystery in Bradford on Avon

Murder Mystery Night

Saturday 27th October, 7:30pm

Tickets 39.95 per person

“Murder Is Always A Mistake – One Should Never Do Anything One Cannot Talk About After Dinner.” Oscar Wilde

Put on your best detective hat and join us for a truly memorable murder mystery dinner to help solve the mysterious Mucklington Murders from the 1930’s.

The story so far…

The year is 1937 and all is not well in the picturesque English village of West Mucklington Parva. There has been a tragic death and in her will, Rose Stimper has left a great deal of money with strict instructions to the villagers to hold a general meeting and anyone who wants to should forward their ideas as to how the money should be used for the good of the village. Everyone should then vote and the winner gets the money. This has caused bitter rivalry between the would-be inheritors resulting in many harsh words and open threats being overheard in the village.

To some people the whole idea of what they could use the money for was nothing more than a bit of fun and a chance to stand up and have a say…there were others however, who took it very seriously indeed, you might stay there were some who might even commit MURDER! 

Come along with family and friends for the night and take part in trying to uncover the true killer. The dinner will take place in upstairs overlooking the Bradford on Avon Marina and the dress code is smart casual.

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